[thelist] Administrivia - delete please.

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Wed Nov 1 16:39:51 CST 2000

Testing a new configuration for our mail servers to provide even better
performance and faster responses.

This concludes "Dan's obsession with near-light-speed email
configurations, part II"

<tip type="performance freak i be">
Have you got an opening page on your website that is produced
dynamically and taking a long time to run?

Have a perl script or cron job run the dynamic page and spit out a
static one for faster performance like so:

lynx -source http://evolt.org/index.cfm > index.html

This will take the output from your dynamic page(index.cfm that runs
slow cus its got a ton of DB calls) and will output it to index.html
which will run fast fast fast!

Mail me for further info :)



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