[thelist] Word to HTML

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Wed Nov 1 17:00:42 CST 2000

This just came up on webdesign-l, so I can narrow it down a little.  I'm
still looking.

Dreamweaver: each list item in a bulletted list gets its own paragraph,
with a middot as bullet. It's just not very smart.

MSOffice Filter
As above, it's a huge improvement on the built in html conversion, but
still uses a lot of inline styles, and still doesn't understand lists.

Great options like the ability to split a document into multiple pages
on the headings, specify header and footer files, generate TOC, match
and replace specific mark-up.. but still no lists. 

At this point I'm thinking that even Word (Office2000) doesn't really
understand lists - as there's apparently nothing in the document that
indicates them (for other programs to latch on to and convert

So I'm still stumped. 

Sam-I-Am wrote:
> hi listees,
> I'm looking for a (preferably) 1 step, configurable MS Word (2000) to
> plain html solution.
> It should output lists as lists (UL LI etc..), headings as heading (H1,
> H2 etc) and preferably tables as tables.
> I'm looking for spare, clean code - I don't need to preserve other
> presentational formatting.
> Isn't there something for Dreamweaver (didn't come up on a cursory
> search)?
> Perl solution would also be fine.
> I'm also evaluating WordToWeb 2.0 (http://www.solutionsoft.com/w2w.htm )
> that I remember trying out a _long_ time ago and being impressed.
> any ideas? links?
> thanks
> Sam

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