[thelist] docs on view-source:

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Wed Nov 1 18:52:58 CST 2000

> (No, this not another in a long list of "How can I
> hide my source code...")
> I noticed the use of view-source: in a script that
> provides for the viewing of source code after the user
> types in a URL and hits a button.
> http://javascript.internet.com/page-details/source-viewer.html
> I looked for documentation on the view-source:
> protocol and didn't come up with anything.
> Does anyone know where view-source: is documented?
> Are there any other little known protocols out there?
> Most everyone knows http:, ftp:,...
> Any others???

Well, view-source: is really something people call a "pseudo-protocol" since
it's not really a protocol. It just takes advantage of the association in many
OSs between "protocols" and program handlers. So, a url like
aim://RegisterUser?User=MyUserName would create a username in AOL IM because
the "protocol" aim: is handled by AIM.exe.


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