[thelist] Access+ASP: database connection error

Joel Morris joelm at citycent.com
Wed Nov 1 20:41:57 CST 2000

I've run into similar problems a couple of times recently on some Access/ADO
projects after uploading a new copy of the database with new data.

Now this may or may not be your problem, and I know it sounds weird, but it
turned out to be a browser (or maybe a proxy?) cache problem. Sometimes I
can get it to clear by closing out all instances of my browser and then
opening up a new one and running the script. Sometimes I just wait until the
next morning and then things work fine.

Good luck.

Joel Morris
CityCenter Co.
Web Development & Marketing
mailto:joelm at citycent.com

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> Subject: Re: [thelist] Access+ASP: database connection error
> > You probably checked this: Does the web server have full/read
> write access
> > to the directory?? Maybe it can't create its lock file.
> Yeah, it does. I should also mention that:
> a. the file, with the same name, was working fine before I re-uploaded
> b. after this all happened, i attemted to get things working again by
> re-uploading an older version of the same database (one that worked fine
> before) and the same error is still occurring
> I'm stumped.
> --
> mattwarden

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