[thelist] Access+ASP: database connection error

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Wed Nov 1 20:57:49 CST 2000

Wow, I think we've pretty much come to a concensus that no one here knows the
cause of this error. But, we seem to have nailed down the following:

a. it occurs when the database has just been uploaded for no apparent reason
b. it gets fixed automagically, also for no apparent reason

I will do some research and report back in a few days if I find the answer.


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> This has happened to us lots of times. For a while every time when I
> uploaded a new database file it would do this.
> Try compacting and then repairing the database through ODBC settings.
> We found that restarting the server also fixed it - but you don't want to do
> that every time you upload a new db.
> An 'real' answer was never found as to why it was doing it, so I'm anxious
> to see what the rest thing.

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