[thelist] Browser detection JS problem

Zoe Oughton zoe.oughton at btconnect.com
Thu Nov 2 02:19:32 CST 2000

Thanks Rudy

You are a star!!

I don't remember putting a margin attribute in the body tag, but I had (must
have done that a couple of weeks ago when I was messing about with the css).
But that seems to have been the problem.  Sometimes just having another head
to see the problem reduces a lot of pain!!

When you work alone, it can be very helpful to have someone else who has
knowledge of the web industry to help with problems which cause headaches.
When you work on something all the time you cannot always see the wood for
the trees and may often miss something that is really simple! This is one of
the reasons why this list is sooooo important to people like us (many of who
do work on their own)

Anyway, thanks again Rudy - you have saved me a lot of time trying to solve


> hi zoe
> the javascript to link the browser-specific style sheets looks okay
> perhaps the style sheets contain something like
> BODY { margin:10% }
> that might be overriding the body tag specs
> rudy 
> r937.com
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