[thelist] Re: Changing link colors

Gerd Baumann gb at inetwire.com
Thu Nov 2 03:20:06 CST 2000

> > And so on. Use color *and* background. Have fun.
> I know that the W3C CSS validator complains if you don't include a
> value for background-color when you set a value for color, but the CSS spec,
> as far as I've ever found, never requires this. Do you, or anyone else, have
> a basis for this other than the validator's bellyaching? 

I found this link


Not only the W3C validator but also the WDG Validator doesn't like
color without background properties. Eric Meyer's stylesheet book
mentions ('Good Practices') that it's a good idea to specify color
and background because of conflicts with predefined user styles.


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