[thelist] domain registration in various countries - ca, uk, fr, de, sg, etc

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 2 09:35:52 CST 2000

> http://www.behindtheurl.com/TLD/

Thanks for the URL.

Doesn't South Africa have the .rs country-code? I flicked through a few of
the sections on the site but couldn't find it listed.

The French nic states that the purchaser needs to be a resident of France,
and meet certain age requirements. How do they handle a company from
elsewhere getting friends in France to acquire French domains?

Singapore has similar requirements (ie, local registration with applicable
government organisations).

I'll consider posting a recap of the info I find regarding various
international domain names, so keep an eye out for an article on the site.

Thanks again,


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