[thelist] Canadian Domains .. More Info.

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Nov 2 11:44:33 CST 2000

Hi Folks,

Further to my earlier message, I understand that domainsatcost.ca are not
accepting ANY new registrations for .ca domains until November 7th/8th, when
some of the bugs in the transition will hopefully be straightened out.

I've also heard that some people have paid for NEW domains, and have now
been told that they aren't available, or that there is no guarantee that
they will BE available, and NO, they can't get a refund.  OUCH.

I'd hold off registering any Canadian domains for at least a week, if not



Michele Foster
WordPro Services
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
mailto:michele at wordpro.on.ca

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