[thelist] pop-up windows and dialog boxes

Mia Kurt miakurt at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 12:14:31 CST 2000

Hello wise people,

please excuse the subject, I couldn't think of a
better descriptor for this topic.

Instead of using "window.open( '<something>',
'width=550, height=500, resizable, scrollbars=yes'), I
need a better mechanism to control the opened windows.
Do you know if there is a javaScript function to open
a pop-up window for IE only, which works like a dialog
box(the bottom page will be disabled if the popUp is
opened). I searched the msdn website, but can't find
it. Could you give me some clues?

An example: - This is a line from Yahoo Finance
var retval = window.showModalDialog(url, "",
"dialogWidth=" + width +
"px;dialogHeight=" + height +

Another example (from msdn site
) I have tried to use "window.showModalDialog" and
found that it doesn't behave like a window when a
series of pages need to be displayed over the same
dialog.  The url in the dialog always opens a
different browser before displaying another dialog. Is
there any trick you know about to avoid this? And is
there any way to display the subsequent pages in the
same dialog?

I hope someone will be able to help me.

Thank you.


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