[thelist] Homesite and Drag-and-drop IMG Tags

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Thu Nov 2 12:54:59 CST 2000

I use homesite too, the drag n drop image tag thing is quick and simple, but
you have to edit the tag after it's placed.

I prefer placing the cursor in my code where I want the image tag, then
double clicking the image in that left hnd column folder display pane (
/images contents, typically being dislayed there). This opens the <img> tag
dialog box which contains inputs for all of the tags attributes.


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> I'm using Homesite 4.5 and I'd like to have it insert an <img> tag with
> 	hspace="0" and vspace="0"
> at the end when I drag an image into homesite. Right now, it adds
> 	width="X" height="X" alt="" border="0"
> I was meandering around in some of the VTM files, but didn't see where I
> could do this.
> Any ideas?
> - Eric
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