[thelist] Sending mail from a domain

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Thu Nov 2 14:13:19 CST 2000

Thanks Daniel

You and I both know that with the current setup, all the client has to do
when sending mail is pick their domain address in the "from" drop-down.
However, this client is, how do I put it, old.  So he's concerned that he's
not always going to remember to do that, and will someday send out a mail
from his isp address.

He wants to avoid that scenario and he wants me to help him.  I believe
(although I could be wrong) that setting the domain address as the default
in OE causes problems, although that would be a perfect solution for my
technophobe (oh, why do I always get 'em? :)


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| Michael Galvin wrote:
| >
| > Hi there
| >
| > I have a few clients that have registered their domain and got hosting
| > through a host-only ISP (ie, no dialup).  When they send mails, they
want to
| > be able to be sure that the address going out is me at mydomain.com, rather
| > than me at myisp.ie.
| ok.. pretty common thing..
| > I've solved this temporarily by setting up an account in OE and getting
| > to select this account when sending.  However, a few of them are now
| > to avoid this type of manual work altogether (yes, they're lazy, which
| what is manual about this process? I assume you're just changing the
| from tag in the OE configuration so that it has my at mydomain.com rather
| than me at myisp.com ? If you do that and leave their incoming/outgoing
| mailservers at myisp.com you shouldn't have any problems.
| > So, I'd like to know what sort of options they have.  I guess they could
| > their own server, with Exchange on it.  Would that work with a dial-up
| > Should they splash out on their own webserver, completely?  Isn't there
| > shareware apps that can handle this sort of thing?
| That would be an infinitely more difficult solution. And it wouldn't
| work well, espcially with a dial-up ISP.
| > Basically, they want to send a mail from their desktop, addressed
| > me at mydomain.com, it should pass through something, and get converted to
| > me at myisp.ie, then get sent via the dial-up out to wherever, arriving as
| > me at mydomain.com.
| why would you want it to convert to me at myisp.com ? If you leave it as
| me at mydomain.com you shouldn't have a problem sending it through the
| ISP's mailservers..
| Gimme some more info and we'll work this out :)
| .djc.
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