[thelist] Homesite error Msg

Bill_Pletcher at spring.com Bill_Pletcher at spring.com
Fri Nov 3 03:58:25 CST 2000

When I drag an image from Homesite 4.5 into the editor I always get the
following error:

Resource- IDB_MAINTB_IMGMAP_EDITOR not found.

I click OK and the Image Tag Editor appears and works fine. Why It's

Also, I've read great tips on using Homesite from Evolt members like
dragging images from the resource window into the editor but where did you
find them? I've looked on the help, but it would be nice to know all the
little time saving tips with Homesite. Are they located anywhere?

<tip type=testing>
Don't get a fellow developer to test your web app. They will push all the
right buttons. Get your office administrator who has limited knowledge of
the web and no doubt they will find errors you could never find yourself.
They will mimic a typical user and save you time fixing it now rather than


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> I'm using Homesite 4.5 and I'd like to have it insert an <img> tag with
>    hspace="0" and vspace="0"
> at the end when I drag an image into homesite. Right now, it adds

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