[thelist] How to Fade the Edges of an Image

Gregory.John.Toland at census.gov Gregory.John.Toland at census.gov
Fri Nov 3 07:51:43 CST 2000


Thanks for your response!  I actually have both, Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro.  I
am a newbie to graphics so I am having trouble following your directions for
Image Composer.  Is there an easier way to do this in the other two software
applications?  As to Image Composer here is what I did and where I got lost.

1. Extended image using the crop utility by 20px on each side of the square
image. Background color is going to be white.
2. Drew a square 10px inside the extended image (what color was I to fill the
square with?)
3. Was not sure how to invert.
4.  I know how to blur an image

I guess I was not sure what color to fill the selection box with?  If there is
another way to do this in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro I would greatly appreciate
any help you can give me.  We are going to be doing this to several images so I
wanted to take the time to get this right.


>How does one take an image and fade out the edges?
>I have tried everything in Microsoft Image
>Composer, but to no avail.

Microsoft Image Composer is pretty limited from what I remember, but if it has a
"blur" tool, you can maybe do something that would satisfy you.

Take the image that you want to fade the edges out of, and make the area around
the image 20 to 40 pixels wider. Meaning, add 20 pixels to each side of the
image that has the same color background as the page you are putting it on.
Then, use the square selection tool and draw about 10 pixels *inside* the image
itself. So when you are done, the selection lines will be 10 pixels or so from
the edges of the photo. Now invert the selection, and do the blur, pushing up
the value until it looks good to you. If you do too much, it won't look very
good because you will be able to see where the blur starts.

That's a quick and dirty way to get a slight blur with something like Image
Composer--if it has blur, I can't remember. If not, you will have to get
something else to accomplish it. You'll have better luck with something like
Photoshop, but if you have a tight budget there is a great program called Paint
Shop Pro. You can download a 30 day trial version at:

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