[thelist] CF output stretching a c r o s s t h e s cre eee n

Cauley, Megan L megan.l.cauley at lmco.com
Fri Nov 3 08:21:39 CST 2000

thanks rudy,

i will check this out and let you know

and she was really eating lunch...not just in space ;-)



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> the developer who i am working with was out to lunch...

hi megan

hmmm, i know the feeling   ;o)

just kidding

anyhow, the table code you sent looks fine

without seeing your css, i think you might want to try


instead of


but that wouldn't explain why the table is stretching

are you using any dhtml or absolutely positioned divs?

what's in #purpose#?  any <pre>..</pre> or similar tags?  this nails us 
sometimes on the evolt site when articles include code, it ends up in a 
horrible horizontal scrollbar...


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