[thelist] How to Fade the Edges of an Image

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Fri Nov 3 09:17:45 CST 2000

|I actually have both, Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro.

Hi Greg,

You wouldn't fill the selection with anything, it's merely there to tell the
program that "this is the part I want to blur" (after you invert the section of
course. Inverting the selection will switch the target of the blur to the
outside edges of the photo.

I haven't used ImageComposer in years, the best I can tell you is to look in the
help files--sorry :/ Since you have Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, you'll have
much better luck going with either of the two programs for this task.

I did a search on the net for some PSP tutorials on how to do this, and came up
with a few--some of them are the more advanced ways to fade image edges. You'll
probably be more satisfied with them. Take a look at:

http://moonlight-designs.com/tutorials/masktut.html (PaintShopPro)
http://pixelswebworks.com/psp-tuts/faded-edges/ (PaintShopPro)
http://www.frontiernet.net/~aaak/psp/fe.htm (PaintShopPro)

Anyone can chime in for tutorials on how to achieve a faded photo edge in

Hope that helps! Goodluck!


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