[thelist] domain registration in various countries - ca, uk,fr, de, sg, etc

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 3 09:36:05 CST 2000

on 11/2/00 7:08 PM, isaac at isaac at members.evolt.org wrote:

> Anyone familiar with the process at the German nic? The English version of
> the site appears to be missing some of the information. Do they have
> name.de, name.com.de or name.co.de? What's the pricing structure?

This is the list you want:


.za  ­  South Africa
.zm  ­  Zambia
.zr  ­  Zaire
.zw  ­  Zimbabwe

Last time I did a German one you had to have a physical location in Germany
and a tax ID (it was a business).  I was doing it for a client who had an
office in Munich, so they passed the forms off to the Germans and it got
finished there.  It was a few years ago though, so things may have changed.

They were very helpful though (and quite amused at the novelty of a German
speaking American).

The German convention is name.de (IIRC).



bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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