[thelist] How to Fade the Edges of an Image

Donna Jones donnajj at gwi.net
Fri Nov 3 13:07:55 CST 2000

Hi Gregory, maybe I can help.  I've used PSP and am just learning
Photoshop.  Just did what I think you want in Photoshop, so let me see
if I can "spell it out" for you.

. Open an image in Photoshop
. make a selection with the Marquee tool, upper right on tool bar, but
set its preferences at six or so for Feathering.  (after you select the
Marquee, you should have access to the preferences in the box to the
right, in the same one that has Navigator and Information)
. then make sure your colors are set with background=white.  An easy way
to do this is to click on the tiny squares in the toolbox, that re-sets
them as the default colors.
. then Inverse your selection.  Go to Select (in file menu), hit Inverse
and that should do it.  Then hit delete.  Then Select/Deselect.  and

You could experiment with how much feathering you want to make it look

hth - I can relate because its all been a "mystery" to me too, until
fairly recently.  and hope I didn't leave out any steps.


Gregory.John.Toland at census.gov wrote:
> Gina,
> Thanks for your response!  I actually have both, Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro.  I
> am a newbie to graphics so I am having trouble following your directions for
> Image Composer.  Is there an easier way to do this in the other two software
> applications?  As to Image Composer here is what I did and where I got lost.
> 1. Extended image using the crop utility by 20px on each side of the square
> image. Background color is going to be white.
> 2. Drew a square 10px inside the extended image (what color was I to fill the
> square with?)
> 3. Was not sure how to invert.
> 4.  I know how to blur an image
> I guess I was not sure what color to fill the selection box with?  If there is
> another way to do this in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro I would greatly appreciate
> any help you can give me.  We are going to be doing this to several images so I
> wanted to take the time to get this right.

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