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Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Fri Nov 3 14:57:49 CST 2000

Hey Bob,

This is the most interesting and timely article and idea I've encountered in
a long time. I know a number of people burnt out from working for dotcoms
and web design firms. I've not (yet) encountered some of the more severe
results mentioned in the article (of course, I might just not know), but if
relationship- and family-neglect can be considered the tip of the iceberg
(or perhaps the first sign of trouble), then I know several people wading in
troubled waters.

I heard on NPR yesterday that the US national productivity (harder work =
less life) is at an all-time high, and they were speculating when people
would start saying that money/affluence aren't worth the life sacrifices.

I have friends who bought a small farm in rural Maryland, and started a
family. He's a former sys-admin type. She's now an at-home mom, but from a
family of programmers. They seems quite pleased with the shift in direction
they've taken with their life. I wonder how many of us will find ourselves
taking u-turns somewhere down this road.

Anyway, I think I'll email Joe Clark and see what he's up to.


> ----------
> From: 	Bob Davis
> This has nothing to do with programming, developing, writing or anything
> specific to the actual work you do.  Rather, it's about how our work
> affects
> our lives and how it's breaking some people.  It's very interesting.
> http://www.fawny.org/parallel.html
> Link courtesy of Zeldman.

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