[thelist] Having FTP problems. Suggestions?

Herzog, Ari Ari_Herzog at Instron.com
Fri Nov 3 15:00:43 CST 2000

Hi all. I just joined this list yesterday, and I have an ongoing problem
with FTP.

Let me briefly explain: The local web server has various "sites" for
developmental purposes. These were originally created with Frontpage. Then,
we started editing the files in Dreamweaver and Ultradev...and there is no
more Frontpage components of the site, even though the "_vti_" folders still

The website is hosted remotely with a server in Virginia. When I use
Frontpage to publish the site, I get server errors which they cannot seem to
decipher, so I gave up using Frontpage to FTP. I then tried using DW to FTP,
but DW is not intended for bulk transfer; only simple transfer of a file
here and there. So yesterday, I downloaded and registered WS_FTP Pro and
then got some connection errors. I spoke with an Ipswitch rep, as well as
our web hosting tech, and the wrong permissions were set up...all seems to
work now.

The problem is this: The website has dozens of folders. Each folder has a
numberof HTM, HTML, CFM and image files. I can't seem to find a way in the
WS_FTP Pro program to exclude certain folders, or to prompt me to PUT only
certain folders. Is there a way? Can another program accomplish this? I
recently updated a library item, thereby updating all HTM pages, and need a
way to move all at once. How??

Thx alot,

Ari Herzog
Internet Webmaster
Instron Corporation
Tel:  781-575-5638
Fax: 781-575-5768
Email: ari_herzog at instron.com

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