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Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Fri Nov 3 16:15:27 CST 2000

I took such a decision three years ago.
After 10 years as a high-end graphics programmer, (Softimage) and the last 3
of those 10 years were as a Microsoft software engineer, I quit when I got
my first born. Now a mom-at-home, and spending time as the webmaster for
TheForce.net for fun.
I have never regretted my decision. Big salary left behind, but you know
what? It wasn't worth the stress, especially with children in the equation.
We welcomed Anne-Marie into the family 2 months ago too ;-)


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> I have friends who bought a small farm in rural Maryland, and started a
> family. He's a former sys-admin type. She's now an at-home mom, but from a
> family of programmers. They seems quite pleased with the shift in
> direction
> they've taken with their life. I wonder how many of us will find ourselves
> taking u-turns somewhere down this road.

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