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Marlene Bruce marlene at lists.evolt.org
Fri Nov 3 16:20:46 CST 2000

No, I don't know Joe, but that didn't stop me. Do you know him, Rudy, or
just of him? His name is familiar (but what about a name like "Joe Clark"
wouldn't be).

I like this line on the http://www.contenu.nu/ site:
"In other words, we give you alpha-to-omega, A-to-Z, soup-to-nuts,
cradle-to-grave service."

Cradle-to-grave. I think I've worked for companies that would have fit into
that category, if they were still around.

Hmm, this deserves a tip or three...

Don't spend $12 on Chateaubriand tenderloins if you don't know how to cook

<tip type="Web Robots" author="marlene">
Digging through my bookmarks, I was reminded that it's sometimes of value
to direct bots that come to your site. You can read all about web robots
here: http://info.webcrawler.com/mak/projects/robots/robots.html.
Don't forget your meta-tags!

<tip type="Extracurricular Reading" author="marlene">
Hope I didn't see this long ago as a tip earlier...
Storming Fort Business - A book excerpt from "The Cluetrain Manifesto"



>> Anyway, I think I'll email Joe Clark and see what he's up to.
>hi marlene
>you know him?  he lives here in toronto, and the last i heard (on, ahem,
>another list), he was working on http://www.contenu.nu/....

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