[thelist] database integration question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Fri Nov 3 17:05:35 CST 2000

Hi Erika!

Can you? ... Sure!! ... You can even use CF to post a form to an ASP page
... and / or verse vice-a!!

Should you? ... That probably depends on your goals ... your deadlines ...
your familiarity with the finer points of each application ..... and whether
you ever want anyone else to be able to take over the site maintenance.....

{Case in point -- This afternoon I was asked to make what looked like a
simple change to an Intranet BRIO report. ... It turns out that the report
is actually ASP ... which, ordinarily, wouldn't be much of a problem ... but
this particular ASP page seems to call a Crystal report ... that runs
Dynamicube ... that operates within some Active-X componetry ... to get at
the Oracle tables ... it IS a simple {and even reasonable!} change request
... but I think I'm gonna have to punt anyway!!}

HTH (just a teeny tiny bit)

Ron L.

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From: Erika Meyer [mailto:meyer at up.edu]
Subject: [thelist] database integration question
Like, can I use Cold Fusion and ASP on different forms within one 
site?  Or is this a bad idea?


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