[thelist] Flash 5 and XML

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Fri Nov 3 17:36:30 CST 2000


Thanks for the info. I stumbled upon the async'ness of the XML load and found a
pretty good work around with the onLoad property.


	xml1 = new XML();
	xml1.onLoad = myOnLoad;

	function myOnLoad (success) {
		if (success) {
			... blah blah blah ...

I do have a bone to quibble about with Macromedia's XML parsing. It does not seem
very clean. When I do a node count of a clean parsing XML file with 4 nodes, I get 9
nodes. 5 of the "extra" nodes are garbage nodes. Also, the Debugger does not cleanly
represent the XML data forcing sibling nodes in to a ugly tree view.

   node 1
      garbage node
         node 2
            garbage node
               node 3
                  garbage node
                     node 4
                        garbage node

Why does the debugger force this type of view with sibling nodes?? I'd really hate to
work with fairly large amounts of data. These quirks makes traversing the tree very

Anthony Baratta

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