[thelist] Offering contracts: Opinions on Etiquette?

Frank framar at interlog.com
Fri Nov 3 22:02:49 CST 2000

Thanks, that's really useful feedback. One of my weaknesses has 
always been people skills, and perhaps I didn't (hell, I know I 
didn't) deliver the message that I wanted. Too bad, he was fine 
prospect. My intent was simply to evaluate the following:

Can this guy actually program? (You wouldn't believe the people I've 
had to turn down)

What's his level of skill?

Is his thought process clean?

What does his style look like?

Is he consistent in his style?

How tight is his code?

Does he comment clearly and regularly?

Is his design modular, or procedural?

Can his code be understood by others who are newcomers to the project?

Gotta tell you, making the leap from coder to subcontractor ain't as 
easy as it might appear at first glance.


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