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Fri Nov 3 23:45:48 CST 2000

I think the payment email subject line is pretty straight forward.  You 
could have a special email account for paypal and write a small program 
that runs on receipt of an email and maybe parse it out for an email 
address.  Then have the program put a variable in a database and have it 
send an email to the user that made a purchase with a special link to their 

I am sure something like that could be done.  I just don't know how to do 
it.  :^)

Anthony, if you want to test the email message from paypal, send me a 
private email,


At 11:22 PM 11/3/00, you wrote:
>I too am looking at them for doing small e-commerce projects for a few 
>friends. My
>sister's Jazz CD ( shameless plug -> lisamarie.baratta.com ) will be 
>available in
>about a month and we are looking to sell the CD (or MP3 singles) via the using
>PayPal. I also have a friend that is looking to sell her book (via PDF) on 
>the web.
>The biggest problem is that PayPal does not provide any interactivity to 
>your site.
>e.g. returning a confirmation number or accepting shopping cart type 
>orders. You must
>provide a "fixed" order. I'm working on a texas two-step type process that 
>will allow
>us to create an order, help the user through PayPal and then crank the 
>wheel on our
>database to generate a download option for the downloadable products 
>they've ordered.
>Clunky - but I don't see another way without paying much higher fees.
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