[thelist] Offering contracts: Opinions on Etiquette?

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Sat Nov 4 12:22:49 CST 2000

another note...

> I'm confused about this. Yes, the company owns the code but you're not
> giving it away, right? I have no problem showing work that I did as a
> designer for another company. If the new company asked me to "copy that old
> site you did" then no, I wouldn't but what's the harm in showing that I did
> it. I also don't have a problem with interviewers "viewing source" on sites
> I've done the code work on. I'm sure that's different from cf but I don't
> see that it is a huge leap.

CF and ASP relate closer to software programming than they do to HTML design.
People don't go running around showing the source for programs like Adobe
Photoshop and Norton Anti-Virus... even if they *did* write a portion of it.
They were paid to write code for a company, who then sells that product. If
the source is let out, the value of that software goes down. Same thing for
Web applications. Sites have value because they offer a unique service. Why
would companies pay a lot of money for a service they could build themselves
for less money in the long run? If they already have everything planned out
from the source code of another company, that lowers their cost bigtime. And I
don't think we can assume that no company would do this... especially


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