[thelist] Offering contracts: Opinions on Etiquette?

Ben Henick persist1_pdx at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 18:19:19 CST 2000

--- "A. Erickson" <amanda at gawow.com> wrote:
> I'm confused about this. Yes, the company owns the code but you're
> not giving it away, right? I have no problem showing work that I did
> as a designer for another company. If the new company asked me
> to "copy that old site you did" then no, I wouldn't but what's the
> harm in showing that I did it. I also don't have a problem with
> interviewers "viewing source" on sites I've done the code work on.
> I'm sure that's different from cf but I don't see that it is a huge
> leap.

I could take on my Beavis persona ("Source code is cool!") but I've
always been quite thrilled when I'm talking to a prospect that's
actually taken time to View Source... even when they've decided to
bring something to my attention that is far-from-perfect.  Then too,
I've yet to write enough PHP (all I've done is an occasional include,
fopen, print, or array) to be in a position where I'd trumpet any such

In order that this doesn't become a "me too!" post, I should say that
source code speaks for a lot.  META name="generator" in the code of a
company's project is always for me a major flag.  "If they're using x
to do live code, how much do they REALLY know about what they're

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