[thelist] looking for serious hosting

TFN Nic nic at dmeb.net
Sun Nov 5 10:44:57 CST 2000

It looks like we may lose our current hosting deal. Oh no...
So I'm looking at options.
This site is a big one, and I may be underestimating our stats.
Disk space: 10 Gig at least.
Number of sessions daily: 40,000 and climbing
Ad views: 5 millions monthly and climbing
bandwidth: no clue, but it's high. Just in August, we had one 10Meg file
downloaded over a million times.

Technical requirements:
CGI server
ASP server with MS SQL for the admin section
load balancing between CGI, multimedia and straight HTML
mailing aliases
pop accounts
at least one mailing list (25,000 users)
multiple FTP accounts
hmmm. what else...

Our site is currently spread over 8 *nix servers, and one NT. The message
boards are hosted on another 8 NT boxes, but those are not dedicated to us.
I don't know how much strain our own message boards put on those boxes.

Our current deal is sweet but about to go sour. We're unlimited in all of
the above, and they pocket the money from our ads. The site is
not-for-profit and we're perfectly willing to let someone else get the money
from the ads, as long as we get a little bit to cover our expenses.

Any suggestion?

Hosting it ourselves is probably out of the question. High bandwidth where I
live is too expensive, and no one else on the team is technical enough to be
put in charge of a server, let alone a farm.

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