[thelist] cross browser test this site... please...

Jason Fields fason at sirius.com
Sun Nov 5 11:59:53 CST 2000

Attention Evolt list subscribers...

This is an open call for people who would be interested in helping me cross
browser test a site (this includes dhtml, javascript, and css)...

This is the site in need of help... <http://www.basho.com/ver2/>

Basically I have built the dhtml foundation and apart from some minor
graphic changes... I am pretty much done with the site... which brings me to
asking you all for help... first off its a pro bono project.... so I cant
really go to a third party testing firm... then next if not even better
solution... call upon the talented people that subscribe to the evolt

I have hit a brick wall... probably because I have been sitting in front of
my computer for the past month building this site from scratch... now it
comes time to test it on all the different browsers (4.0+ MacOS/Win98)...

And... of courses it falls apart on NS (MacOS/Win98) and on IE (Win98)...

So... since I dont have the bandwidth to $ hire anyone... if any of you want
to take a peek and help me out... I wont forget you when xmas comes
around...  Thanks in advance...

Jason Fields.

1730 20th street, lower unit
san francisco, ca 94107 usa

+1.415.823.5353 mobile
+1.603.697.8394 efax

fason at sirius.com

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