[thelist] cross browser test this site... please...

Miraz Jordan miraz at firstbite.co.nz
Sun Nov 5 12:25:17 CST 2000

At 09:46 -0800 05/11/2000, Jason Fields wrote:
>This is an open call for people who would be interested in helping me cross
>browser test a site (this includes dhtml, javascript, and css)...
>This is the site in need of help... <http://www.basho.com/ver2/>

Mac Internet Explorer 5.

Maybe not the feedback you were looking for but I can say that first 
it redirects me, so I think "What's the story here? Don't they know 
what they're doing?".

Next it pops open a new window in a size and location I don't like (I 
choose more or less full screen browsing) and removes all the 
toolbars such as Address, Buttons etc - *very very* annoying. So now 
I've put them back, but can't resize. I'm tempted to abandon the site 
here, but will persevere because you wanted a test.

I like the menu which comes up for each section (hiding the graphic) 
and I like the use of the numbers to denote sections and subsections. 
The section on Context doesn't bring up content till I click on 
Overview (or another choice) though.

It all seems to work, but I don't know whether it's the grey writing, 
the jargon, the text-only replacement for each page, the distraction 
of having the original "redirect" page in grey open full screen below 
your window (and so being constantly annoyed that you're forcing me 
to view your site in ways not of my choosing) but I find the site 
hard to read, to focus on, to absorb.

I really didn't mean to be so negative, but quite honestly, if I'd 
come to the site in the usual way (search engine etc) I wouldn't stay 
once I found I couldn't resize the window.

Technically it shows and functions in the browser, which is what you 
asked about. It just doesn't work for this human being.

I hope others find it a better experience.



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-- Delenn - Babylon 5, Confessions and Lamentations

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