[thelist] [ASP] Need some help saving a record

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Sun Nov 5 18:02:55 CST 2000

Yep.  I'm showing all the skill descriptions for the chosen category, and
allowing them to update whichever ones they want.  I then want to save all
the changes.

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| > So in the form, I'm looping thru the database (with a filter), and
| > up a text box.  To make this work, I had to give each textbox a unique
| > so I appended the skill code to it.
| >
| > Now, I have "skilldesc1", "skilldesc18", "skilldesc19", etc being passed
| > from the form, and I haven't got a clue how to save them to the
| > Ideally, I'd be able to 'strip' the skillcode part, find that code in
| > database, and update the description with whatever the user has typed
| > that particular text box.
| >
| > Of course, there may be (and probably is) a better way of doing all
| > and I need some pointers.
| I'm pretty sure there is. I'm not sure why you are changing the name of
| form field. Why not:
| <input type="skillcode" value="<%Response.Write skillcodefromDB%>">
| <input type="text" name="skilldesc" value="<%Response.Write
| skilldescfromDB%>">
| Or, are you allowing the user to update multiple descriptions at one time?
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