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: From: Norman Beresford
: If you really want to get Master status then you
: could have a handy reference book/document
: to hand - which kind of defeats the point but
: does show that you can find information quickly :)

part of the point of the test is to see how good your research skills are.
that's part of being a good, competent programmer.  no one expects that you
memorize every function, syntax, methods, properties, tags, etc. of a given

: I don't know how much use Brainbench certification
: would be in getting a job.  All of the interviews I've
: been to have asked for example URLs and given
: tests on the spot, which removes the need for
: certification such as Brainbenches.

i disagree that "on the spot" tests remove the need for certification for
brainbench certification.  if anything the brainbench certification just
strengthens the claims you make about your skills in combination with your
"on the spot" test scores.  also, unlike the "on the spot" tests, the
brainbench certification is one that is administered by a neutral third
party.  that speaks better than a test administered by a biased party.

just my 2 cents,


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