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Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Wed Nov 8 02:30:52 CST 2000

I hosted with CIhost for almost a year, until around December 99 they
started to go down on a regular basis and has lots of problems.

Near the end of Dec. 99, while everyone was getting ready for the Y2K bug,
they upgraded (or so they said) there DNS servers, where down for almost a
week, and when they where back up again, they had restored the costumer
sites from old tape backups that where not up-to-date.
Soon after that I left (they where still having problems) for
http://www.wehost.net , and I am very happy that I did, since the service in
wehost is so much better, and I am actually paying less then I did when I
was at CIhost.

Since I am not in the US, Email support is very important for me. CIhost
took FOREVER to answer, if they did answer. With wehost.net, a few minutes
after I email them I get a good answer from a human, even during weekends.

Shoshannah Forbes
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> Well, I'm glad that your experience with them has been good. Perhaps the
servers we've been on have been located in a different facility and the
people we talk to in the basement of the customer service department. I
personally use FutureQuest - about the only drawback I can think of right
now is that they don't yet offer dedicated hosts. Their service and speed,
however, is amazing :)

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