[thelist] Opening a Word Document from a Web Page

Villano, Paul VillanoP at usachcs.army.mil
Wed Nov 8 10:52:34 CST 2000

It seems to be working now.  I think I just had a computer problem (it has
been acting strange the last few days).  Thanks to all for the attempts to
help.  Yes, it does depend on the user's settings.  Some folks disabled
opening files to prevent downloading malicious code/files.  But I think most
folks (unless they physically disable it) will automatically open the file
(unless they have a demon-possessed computer like mine.  Where did I put
that holy water??).

Thanks again.


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From: Luther, Ron [mailto:Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com]

Hi Paul,

Doesn't it depend on the client's set-up?  I thought that determined whether
such a link would 'open' in word ... or download the file.


Ron L.

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