[thelist] Brainbench Certification

Madhu Menon madhu at asiacontent.com
Wed Nov 8 12:15:23 CST 2000

At 08:16 PM 11/8/2000, jeff penned the following words:
>the brainbench certs are probably the most widely recognized of the publicly
>available certs out there.  however, saying that, you're likely to run into

A little off-topic here. I just thought I'd mention that I saw the nuttiest 
revenue model at Brainbench.

They have ads on the question pages.

Now, to me this is downright crazy. The question pages are possibly the 
*worst* place to advertise. There you are, with 2 minutes to think of an 
answer to a question. You're reading the question carefully to make sure 
you understand it properly, and all your attention is directed solely at 
the question. The likelihood of the banner catching my eye is way too low. 
Who's going to click on a banner when he/she has 30 seconds left to answer 
a question (unless you're doing the test for fun of course). Even worse, 
clicking the banner will take me to another site. When I have an exam that 
is timed, do you really think I'm going to go visit another site?

Does anyone disagree with me?

(who's quite proud of his high Written English score at Brainbench :)

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