[thelist] looking for serious hosting

Jacob Stetser icongarden at icongarden.com
Wed Nov 8 18:56:58 CST 2000

Tom, our purpose isn't to convince you to change  your mind, but rather to share our  own experiences with CIHost to balance yours. I think that serves the purposes best, having informed  opinions on both sides. 


P.S. I'm glad you have had good experiencea. Everyone deserves good hosting :)

On Wednesday, November 8, 2000, at 10:34 AM, Tom Webb wrote:

> Again my experience with CIHost is that they responded quickly to any  
> problem we have had.  CIHost had some growing pains and experienced some  
> problems but they have been overcome.  They responded quickly to any  
> problems we have had.  All my customers have not had the experiences with  
> CIHost that you have had.  They have been extremely helpful when setting up  
> the service for all our customers and I find their service people competent  
> and friendly.  I have extensive IT background therefore I have been able to  
> pinpoint the problems that  we have experienced and that helps with all  
> ISPs.  I will still recommend them to my customers. 
> Tom Webb 

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