[thelist] Penalties

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Fri Nov 10 06:06:25 CST 2000

at our place, we use to tell the customers that deadlines are binded to
on-time content-delivery (if applicable). same goes for penalties.
(if we don't get the stuff in time, forget the deadlines...)

if such a situation occurs, it is possible that we then halt the project
and continue on other stuff, realigning the halted one in the
project-queue... wich, of course, the customer doesn't like, but, hell,
it's them who didn't respect the deadline-deal


Jamie Madden <jamie at bayou.com> schrieb am 9.11.2000:

> Is it common practice among developers to charge a client a penalty for the 
> late delivery of content if the date for that content delivery was 
> specifically stated in the contract?  I'm having an incredibly hard time 
> getting some clients to deliver content in a timely manner and it's costing 
> me money in the long run by halting productivity.

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