[thelist] ASP: @@Identity

Tab Alleman talleman at autobex.com
Fri Nov 10 15:31:44 CST 2000

well, that section of the real code looks like this:

	sqlSku = "SELECT @@Identity"
	Set rsSku = usConn.Execute(sqlSku)
	ThisSku = rsSku.Fields.Item(0).value
	Set rsSku = Nothing

Any other sections?  I didn't wanna post a few hundred lines of my sloppy
code.  Nobody would want to help me for sure.

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Can we see some real code? That would help me to help you. When I grab
@@Identity I do this:

         strQuery = "INSERT INTO TableOne VALUES(Null,"
         strQuery = strQuery & blah blah blah

         objDB_RecordSet.Open "Select @@Identity"
             varIdentity = objDB_RecordSet(0)

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