[thelist] hard won vector art tip...

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Mon Nov 13 02:42:23 CST 2000

isaac <isaac at lists.evolt.org> schrieb am 13.11.2000:

> > This is only true for Windows
> > <tip type='Windows screen res incompatibility'>
> > MS can't read standards. They 'misread' standard screen res as 96dpi,
> > not 72dpi, and accordingly ensured that Windows fonts are always too
> > big (relative to standard). This is why many (designed on Windows) sites
> > are unreadable on (standards-compliant) Macs.
> Martin,
> To what standard are you referring? Will it still be a "standard" to you
> when your precious Apple starts to license 300dpi display technology for
> purposes of crisp on-screen text (likely to be very valuable for print
> designers I'm sure)?
<quote clipped>

IMHO, it is quite sensible to regard 72 dpi as default. not 'cause it's
the mac's default res, but because this is the nearest adaptation of
(sorry if I get it a little wrong with the naming) the printing's
default measure: pica (afaik), wich have the size of 72,27 points per
inch. of course, web-pages have the primary goal to be displayed on
screens, but still, I kinda like the idea of having this as default
resolution, wich eases my life as far as *multi*-media is concerned...


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