[thelist] SSI problem!

Zoe Oughton zoe.oughton at btconnect.com
Mon Nov 13 05:35:31 CST 2000

Hi listees

Does anyone use SSI for headers, footers, etc on their site?

I am trying to use SSI at least for the header section of a site I am
developing.  However, the html content on the includes file is not appearing
on the web page????
I'm afraid that I don't know a great deal about this stuff, but from what I
have read, it shouldn't be that difficult!!!  But I can't get the damn stuff
to work.  HELP.

I have entered the following in the web page:
<!--#include file="header.txt" -->

the header.txt file is in the same folder as the html page.

The header.txt file contains two tables which should nest into a table in
the shtml file.

A test page is at:
(The page should look like: http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/who.htm
please ignore the links etc on the pages as most of them will not work)

The header.txt file is at:

What you see in the header.txt file should appear at the top of the
index.shtml page.
Can anyone help with this, as to why it is not working!!!!

I have checked with my ISP and they say that yes I can use SSI on the site,
so the server should be configured for SSI.


Zoe Oughton
zoe.oughton at btconnect.com

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