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> Note the quote from Mike Pinkerton, whose "-ing of "standard" suggests that
> there are no official standards with which to comply. So, the best bet is to
> go with the "web standard" of 96dpi.
> IBM ships first 22" 200dpi displays
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/11/11/1457202&mode=flat
> Have fun with your 72dpi...

Uh-huh, apparently you are unaware how poorly 72 or 96dpi text prints at
such an increased resolution. In order to render this kind of quality on a
page or screen you have to have the information first. Neither present CRT
or web-standard resolutions comply, nor do current web graphics. I
personally love the idea, however it will require considerably more RAM,
from everyone, and the use of real font technology like Adobe's. I wonder
how they compare to my Cinema Displays?

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