[thelist] SSI problem!

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Mon Nov 13 06:39:31 CST 2000

Your server is not configured properly, cause when I try to reach the .shtml
file, I'm being asked to download it, instead of having it being served.

My guess is that .shtml is not the extension you're supposed to use. I
noticed the other file is .htm instead of .html

Have you checked with your sys admin about which file extension you're
supposed to be using? (I've seen .shtm sometimes but rarely).
Because of the .htm extension I'll assume you're on NT (but it's a big
If that's the case, have you tried using .asp as the extension?


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> Hi listees
> Does anyone use SSI for headers, footers, etc on their site?
> I am trying to use SSI at least for the header section of a site I am
> developing.  However, the html content on the includes file is
> not appearing
> on the web page????
> I'm afraid that I don't know a great deal about this stuff, but
> from what I
> have read, it shouldn't be that difficult!!!  But I can't get the
> damn stuff
> to work.  HELP.
> I have entered the following in the web page:
> <!--#include file="header.txt" -->
> the header.txt file is in the same folder as the html page.
> The header.txt file contains two tables which should nest into a table in
> the shtml file.
> A test page is at:
> http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/index.shtml
> (The page should look like: http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/who.htm
> please ignore the links etc on the pages as most of them will not work)
> The header.txt file is at:
> http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/header.txt
> What you see in the header.txt file should appear at the top of the
> index.shtml page.
> Can anyone help with this, as to why it is not working!!!!
> I have checked with my ISP and they say that yes I can use SSI on
> the site,
> so the server should be configured for SSI.
> Zoe
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