[thelist] SSI problem!

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Mon Nov 13 10:15:10 CST 2000

At 07:58 AM 11/13/2000, you wrote:
>Hi Zoe,
>Checked your webserver (i _love_  netcraft!) and got Apache on Linux.
>Nicole is right, your webserver isn't configured to parse .shml files.
>Do you have access to the httpd.conf?

If you have the option to configure your own server parse files, you can 
change it with an .htaccess file.

Options Includes
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .shtml

Do note: you can change the .shtml to .html and .htm. e.g.

AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html .htm

Some will say this is too much of a load on the server. With my testing, 
I've found that for most sites this extra load is negligible.

Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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