[thelist] SQL Multiple entries in same column?

Rob Keniger rob at bigbang.net.au
Tue Nov 14 00:10:18 CST 2000

on 14/11/00 3:54 PM, Adrian Fischer at adrian at logo-logic.com wrote:

> I'm hollering...
> I need to understand this more fully.  At the moment I am doing multiple
> selects from different tables and I know I should be able to use the one
> statement to retrieve from both tables.  Its been a case of making it work,
> but not efficiently.  Its not just the theory that I need to polish up on
> its also the implementation.  I have just about read the mySQL documentation
> from front to back but am still none the wiser :-(
> I think I don't understand the relationship of Unique and Foreign keys and
> how they impact on what I'm trying to do.
> Laymen's terms would be just fine...(more than fine, or a link)

Sounds like you need SQL tutorials:

http://w3.one.net/~jhoffman/sqltut.htm  (the original and the best)

http://www.sqlcourse.com/   (with nice interactive sql examples)


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