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Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
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We'll do that, but right now, we need to atleast see why we are just getting
something like 1 K even on holidays sometimes. At any given time, there will
not be more than 10 people using the line overtly (forgetting the MSN
Messenger, yahoo messenger, etc). Need to see what else is going on, and if
we do not find anything major, then we wojld move onto a higher line (more
money, so needs to be justified).

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50 people on a 64K?!?!? No wonder you are slow, that bandwidth is being
divided amongst ALL the people in the office. You are basically getting
1.7KPS per person. Once you go over 10-15 people accessing a line you need
to step up to a fractional T1 to get any sort of decent speed. Over 35-40 a
Full T1 is needed.


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