[thelist] Netscape 6 Ques already.

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Tue Nov 14 12:56:52 CST 2000

> I actually am planning on seeing a lot more of these "Netscape 6 broke my 
> site" problems. No. It's not Netscape 6. Trust me. It's reliance on broken
> implementations.
Hmm, a blanket statement. I strongly suspect you won't be right 100% of the
time. For example, I have a site which relies on tightly defined tables
containing forms. The tables, out of necessity (the pages fit into affiliate
sites), have to be constrained overall to 450px wide for the outermost
table, and 390px wide for the innermost. In addition to the normal procedure
of defining a text-input field by length, I appropriately tagged most of the
form elements with CSS classes, and defined various CSS files to be served
dynamically, depending on a platform/browser detect. Netscape always has
larger text-input fields than IE, and I allowed for that. I tested out the
wazoo, on various Mac and Win platforms, on 9 IE/NN browsers 4.0 and above
(the target parameters for the audience).

However, the new Netscape 6 breaks some of my tables, because it has even
longer than normal text-input fields. That's not because I didn't do my job
right, it's because Netscape apparently has chosen to change their base
assumptions in such a way that their text-input fields don't conform to any
of the currently adopted parameters.

Sorry, while I would agree that the gist of what you say may be correct in
some or even many cases, declaring that the problems are *only* the fault of
the site builder flies in the face of demonstrable browser release history.


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