[thelist] Netscape 6 Ques already.

Seb Barre sebastien at oven.com
Tue Nov 14 12:59:24 CST 2000

At 06:50 PM 11/14/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>>I sincerely doubt this is Netscape 6's doing, but rather a "feature" of
>>your server, or a lack of correct configuration in your server. I have
>>various domains that are hosted the same way on an Apache Linux server, and
>>6.0 works fine with them.
>>I actually am planning on seeing a lot more of these "Netscape 6 broke my
>>site" problems. No. It's not Netscape 6. Trust me. It's reliance on broken
>The server is an Apache Linux server.  If all other browsers (which I have 
>tested) do not react the same way, then it is something different about 
>the N6 browser that is causing this to happen.  Who's to say if it's right 
>or wrong - I would simply like to find out what it could be so I can work 
>around whatever N6 is doing differently here. Does anyone have a suggestion?

It sounds like N6 is not recognizing name-based virtual hosting, which is 
an HTTP/1.1 thing if I remember correctly, where the browser should sent 
the domain it's requesting in the request, and the server will direct it to 
the right place based on that.

If N6 isn't sending the host name in the request, then your server doesn't 
know which domain is being requested.

Check your N6 setup to see if you're somehow forcing HTTP/1.0 only.

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