[thelist] Select boxes in viewing heirarchy

Karen Bowen KarenB at frontiersoftware.com.au
Tue Nov 14 23:30:37 CST 2000

Hey Rudy, 

Thanks for your response.  Like you, I've also heard others mention this
situation, and the only work-around I've come across so for is to use the
form element's visibility property, hiding it when the other divs are on &
showing it again after.

I really hope this is addressed in future specs, as it can make for
incredibly ugly applications at the moment!

We're developing in IE at the moment, with the main difference to Netscape
seeming to be that only select/option boxes are omnipotent (and how..!).
Replacing them all with plain text boxes removed the problem, but sadly it
isn't a viable solution.

Thanks again though,

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> > ... drop-down select boxes always appear over the submenus...
> > Has anyone encountered/conquered this problem before?
> hi karen
> three hours later and no response, i figure it's safe for me to step up
> and
> say that although i have never encountered this myself (i'm still choked
> up
> about what css does to font sizes, i haven't dared start to play with
> positioning and z-index), i have heard other web developers mention it
> several times, apparently this is one of those things that you will just
> have to live with, although i think it applies only to netscape (not sure)
>    "Netscape
>         4.x
>        Form elements are always rendered on top of absolutely or
>        relatively positioned elements, regardless of where they are
>        located in the document tree or any 'z-index' value specified."
> http://www.blooberry.com/indexdot/css/properties/position/zindex.htm
> rudy
> r937.com
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