[thelist] Table Background Question

david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Wed Nov 15 04:38:00 CST 2000

the table-bg-bug?

set up a little CSS: 

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
/*Class 'imageCell'*/

give the cell that gets the background-image the class="imageCell" and
you're done. works in NS and IE. If you want it to be CSS-independent,
you could give the bg-cell the backgnd-attribute as well. thus you get
the css-version for css-understanding browsers, and every other gets the
more or less same result through the html.

If you have ceveral cells in the topmost table (that contain nested
table), you might have nest this table into another and give this
topmost table the background-image... 

d: )

Adam Slesinger <bread_man at hotmail.com> schrieb am 8.11.2000:

> Hey Web Gurus, mind if I ask a simple ques?
> I have a large 800x600 background image and I put it as the background of a 
> large table and then made a number of nested tables to position the pictures 
> and text where I want them over the background.
> It looks great in IE, but in Netscape 4.X the background image is repeated 
> in each nested table making the whole thing rather screwy looking with the 
> background image starting over in multiple places withing the large table.  
> Why is Netscape doing this, and is there a way around it?
> I can't just make the background image the background of the html page 
> because I don't want it to tile.  I have tables outside the main large 
> table, tiling colors to expand with larger browsers.
> Thanks in advance for help on this!!

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